Mount & Haven

Mount & Haven is the parent company of Blue Mount and Xixi Art Lab. It brings together the expertise and experience of Blue Mount and Xixi Art Lab. The result is a holistic range of solutions to our clients’ brand development and promotional needs within a 360-degree fashion hub.

We partner our clients on a long-term basis and are a one-stop solution for all their fashion needs. With offices in greater China and the UK, we operate globally with a focus on our clients’ growth in Asia Pacific and the rapid expansion of mainland China.

Mount & Haven Group is a fashion and lifestyle company.

We have extensive experiences in creating window displays, artists collaboration, and branding for luxury brands and premium malls; we are a team of multi-disciplinary talents based in Hong Kong, London, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Blue Mount

A key part of the Mount & Haven group, at Blue Mount, we provide all types of visual merchandising with a particular focus on windows and mall displays, as well as in-store displays, pop-up stores and special events. We collaborate with our clients on a budgetary basis to create bespoke retail solutions for affordable luxury and corporate fashion brands, as well as mall operators.

We now have offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and London.

XiXi Art Lab

An affiliate of Blue Mount, Xixi Art Lab is a platform focused on integrating contemporary art and visual concepts into corporate or retail environments. It brings together creatives, artists and concepts to ensure the best compositions are displayed in the most respected retail and commercial destinations. It promotes local, international, established and emerging artists in new surroundings and introduces clients to a diversity of visual displays that inspire and excite – displays they might not otherwise encounter.

Xixi Art Lab works with artists and creatives to envisage and produce work tailored to local tastes but which retains a broad market appeal. With an international creative team in Hong Kong and mainland China, it represents a growing list of international artists from New York, japan, Europe and Greater China and is determined to bring the most inspiring artistic experiences to the international commercial scene.