At Blue Mount, we provide all types of visual merchandising with a particular focus on windows and mall displays, as well as in-store displays, pop-up stores and special events.

Window Display

All our windows are produced in close conjunction with our clients. Together, we develop concepts and turn them into completed installations in a creative process that dovetails the global brand themes and images of our clients with our own imaginative vision. The results are tailored for the season, location and the target audience of the display. Our innate understanding of the latest trends in display artistry produces distinctive results satisfying for both our clients and their customers.

Mall Decorations

We provide mall decorations to a range of luxury and premium mall operators worldwide. These can range from limited seasonal displays in conjunction with specific tenants to projects themed across an entire mall. We also create and install displays across large themed destinations, like outlet malls and casinos.

Art Collaboration

Many of our most recent VM projects have been undertaken jointly between Blue Mount and XixiArt Lab, which integrates contemporary art into the corporate environment. XixiArt Lab also arranges for artists to undertake specific free-standing commissions where they will act as interpreter of the displays for customers and visitors.

Pop-Up Stores & Events

We frequently work with our clients for special events to showcase their works to customers. These may include road shows, fashion shows, trunk shows, store openings, festivals, in-house training retreats and press events. Pop-up stores can also be used to attract customer attentionoutside the regular channels, such as for new product launches or when a brand enters a new market.