Project Description


Kerry Centre Xmas 2018 (Shopping Mall)

Creative Concept
Artist Collaboration

Taikoo Li Beijing aimed to create a very traditionally Western festive holiday season for its trendy crowd. Blue Mount took this idea one step forward by crafting larger-than-life versions of conventional Christmas decorations, resulting in a towering Christmas tree that was erected in the North Deck, every inch of it swathed in evergreens, sparkling fairy lights and rings of thick, heavy snow sculpted with fibreglass. A giant snow globe sat in the South Plaza, housing the replica of a Swiss-alp village, finished off by a moving and chu-chu-ing toy train. Large baubles in anodized green and red finish, white LED-lit baubles, looming LED reindeers, cabin-sized gift boxes were all strewn around the establishment for great selfie opportunities. We also organized a live parade that ran around the Sanlitun shopping centre, bringing gifts, music, dancing, and spreading good cheers to all.