Project Description


Taikoo Li Chengdu ‘Nien’s Adventures in Lanes’ 18 (Shopping Mall)

Creative Concept
Artist Collaboration

Taikoo Li, Nien’s Adventures in Lanes, Chengdu, Shopping Mall, Seasonal Theme (Design Development, Artist Collaboration, Build, Installation) Taikoo Li Chengdu was a multi-cultural crossover project for Blue Mount, combining the artwork of American graffiti artist – JMR, with the creative conceptualization of our Hong Kong team, the colourful design interpretations of our Shanghai and London designers, and production savvy of our Shenzhen factory. The clients were especially pleased that we came prepared with the commissioned work of our long-time artist partner, with a concept that was simple and straight-forward. The storyline was about an amateur artist named Nien who turns a collection of materials that had rained down from the sky into magnificent Christmas decorations around the Swire x Sino Ocean property. JMR flew from his Texas home to join us for the lighting ceremony in the Panda City; it was quite the culture-shock for him, but we’re hoping to shock more people in seasons to come.